Jeff Rowland - You Kept Me Warm

We are very lucky here at Artmarket to have the print original of ‘You Kept Me Warm’ one of Jeff Rowland’s fantastic spring releases. This piece was inspired by Jeff’s trip to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival.

The scene he has painted has been modified to fit with Jeff’s classic style. The couple in the painting are dressed in 1950’s attire, as we see in all his work. Jeff Rowland loves the 1950’s era. The style, the clothing, the glamour. Then the modern posters advertising the Fringe Festival events were replaced with classic 1950’s advertisements; OXO, Rowntrees Chocolate and Players Navy Cut cigarettes.

When absorbed in a Jeff Rowland painting you can almost hear the pitter patter of raindrops falling through the leafy trees and splashing on the puddles. The rain in Jeff's work symbolises a fresh start. The rain falls and washes the past away. You can see the sun starting to break through the clouds representing a new beginning.

The couple are huddled together, sharing an umbrella enjoying the moment. As you gaze at the painting you can almost hear their conversation, what are they saying to each other? Is this a new start for them? Or are they seeing through the rain storm together?

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